SuperHead Video Is Here!!!!!!!

I am working my magic to bring you the video of Karrine Stephans A.K.A SuperHead in her most talked about smashoff.Trust me I wanna see why everybody had to get their dibs in with her.So keep checking back I am trying my best to get the video but I’m not gonna lie I’m gonna watch it(The Whole Thing-beginning to end) before I post it..Sorry..But just know..I got you..

SUPERHEAD UPDATE: I’m watching it now..It’s also Uploading…Now I know the reason they call her superhead My god I’ve never seen a chick get busy like this God Dayum!!!! Anyway the link wil be ***here***


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All we want is be treated as human beings.

4 comments on “SuperHead Video Is Here!!!!!!!

  1. im shocked and appalled..yet i cant look away and put it on my and about 3 other friends ipods.

    shame on you

    thanks lol

  2. WOW…w/those mic skillz yo girl should be voted ‘artist of tha gad damn year’ & greatest ’emcee’ of all time-HANDZ DOWN…& she was only 21?..WHAT?..imagine the mic-check skill set NOW…i see why catz was spending their lunch money on that action-i’m NOT maad @ her either-gad bless anybody who LOVES what they do (whatever they do) enough 2 be THAT good @ it…WORD…i’m just sick that she didn’t let a brotha like me manage her ‘career’-with all the connects she had we’d all be rich offa dem skillz…str8 up-i’m talkin’ investment properties in the carribean & fortune 500 stock options shyt…ONEluv…jg

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