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Rakim Says “Freddy Foxx Never Wanted It”…Audio

I dont know how long it’s gonna take you to D’Load this but if you know what I know you better sit tight and listen to this monumental, historical, and exclusive interview with the God MC….Rakim……**LISTEN**

Oh and tell all your peoples where it’s at…BronxRap.com


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One comment on “Rakim Says “Freddy Foxx Never Wanted It”…Audio

  1. Peace.
    I know Freddie, Rakim, Alvin Toney and Snake Bliss. (me and Snake still are in contact to this day)When I first met Ra, it was in 1986 or 87. We were at his moms house in Wyndanch Long Island in the basement playing records and Ra was on the wheels of steel. Besides myself, Snake (who now goes by the name of Rashaun), Ra, Ra’s cousin A.J. and Freddie. While we were down there, Freddie kept saying he wanted to fuck somebody up ALL NIGHT I might add. Everybody kind of ignored him because that was Freddie just poppin shit. Keep in mind that it was around 11pm to 12am in the morning. Later, Ra’s sister told him he had a phone call upstairs. He went upstairs to take the call and we were still downstairs. Ra came back in like a half hour and told us his cousin had some beef in Queens and we was heading out there to see what was going on and handle it. Ra then cut off all the equipment and we went outside to the cars. Freddie had a Cadillac Seville then, I’ll never forget it; it was like a skyblue with a white top. Ra told me to ride with Freddie on our way out to Queens to see what the beef was. Now, keep in mind it’s now like 12:30 in the a.m.!!! At this point, my hand is on Freddie’s passenger door handle waiting for Freddie to pop the lock so I could get in. All of a sudden, Freddie says that he “forgot” to get something for his moms earlier that day. (I can’t remember what it was exactly but it was something that you couldn’t pick up at 12am). Ra tells Freddie that it almost one in the morning, nothing’s open. Freddie said he knew a spot that was open and he could get whatever it was. Ra said “OK” and told me to get into his Benz. (He had the white 190)I got into the Benz with Ra and Snake. As we was driving to the bodega to get some beer, Ra turns down the music and says: “My cousin didn’t have no beef, that was some chick from Queens”. “I said it was beef only because Freddie kept saying he wanted to fuck somethin up so I gave him an opportunity to do so and yall see what happened”. So, don’t be fooled by all that tough talk Freddie is saying now. Like Tupac told Puffy: “You and I know what’s going on”. Peace.

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