Julissa -first latina host of BET now doing “The Center”

Julissa Bermudez, the first Latina to ever host a BET show, “106th and Park” has moved on. She is now hosting “The Center” and is dipping into movies. This year she has done bit parts in the MTV movie “All you’ve got” with Ciara and “The Wannabe” playing what else? A fantasy girl. However Julissa is set to blowup big by 2007.


11 comments on “Julissa -first latina host of BET now doing “The Center”

  1. I’m afraid the facts are backwards. Julissa’s skinny ass was doing “The Center” waaaay before she was doing “106 and Park.” They just had her up there as a familiar face when AJ and Free left. She was doing both shows. Then Rocsi took over “106” and they took Julissa off, leaving her to do only “The Center,” like before. I personally don’t find the little twig attractive, but that’s just me.

  2. yo Julisssa’s skinny is FINE and nice looking that girl is one of the hottest girl who ever hosted any show on BET.I remember when i used to see those lil sexy thighs on 106 everyday… man those were the days…anyway… Holla!

  3. yo julissa my name is alex and i think you are very sexy i love seeing you on tv i hope you get my messge and i hope you can give me your phone number by julissa my sexy girl

  4. Her boyfriend is larry johnson from the chiefs

  5. Yor r so pretty Julissa just know that if you were to read this, I just want to say that im your NUMBER #1 ONE FAN.

  6. yea julissa my girl , always luved her , up into tha larry thang , now i just like her a lot lol , i watch student center almost everyday , i just wish she do 1 more show , in one of those itty bitty mini skirts , an show off a lil leg an thigh , like when she first took over at tha student center , cause now she be on some , i aint wearin no skirts no mo type shit , an when she do wear one , she wear those black not stockings , hell i dont know what tha hell they are called , leg warmers or whatevea , just 1 more show like in tha begining , tease us a lil bit with then sexi legs an thighs of yours , is that too much to ask , , it might dont look like it from my post , but i think tha world of julissa , an i think she a tru goddess , its a lot of crank ass dudes in this world , an when these goddess give these undeserving ass dudes tha privlage of them , it takes away from her goddess point by point ,into shes , neva mind , its hard fa me ta say

  7. yo you r doing your thing keep up your good work-

  8. neva mind my last comment , but i swear on my life an soul , when i get rich as planned , i hope she gimme tha privlage ta give her a couple hundred thousand in cash fa a personnal episode of student center dedicated ta her an her sexi talents , an fa tha record im only inta goddess , piece of shit bitches just dont do it fa me , i luv u julissa , really i do

  9. yo julissa u like a sexy fox! u pretty atrractive. i cant wait 2 drool ova u in da summa time when u start revealin ur body. jus like in spring bling, cheers, jeers and tears

  10. Julissa is the best host on 106 and park they ever had. They should put her back on air to host 106 and park again because every one loves her

  11. hey im liz i wanted to no if this is realy julissa cuz u no there r a lot of liers out there so im jus asking hope u dont mind

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