The Truth About What Happened To Proof…

What really happened with D12s Proof that tragic night in Detroits CCC Club? Fresh off the witness stand, Mudd, an old friend of Proofs spoke with Extra Large, and told it as he saw it with his own eyes.

Mudd, whose government name is Reginald Moorer, was one of three people that accompanied Deshaun “Proof” Holton to the CCC the night of his death. On the condition of anonymity, Mudd spoke to Extra Large in the July 2006 issue about what happened that tragic night at the CCC club. The investigation is still ongoing. After several months, Mudd has decided to come forward to tell the entire story about the night that went horribly wrong, resulting in the death of two men, his gun, and the testimony he gave in court this week.

Mudds friendship with Proof dates back 15 years to an Osborn High School lunch table. He was a freshman at Osborn when he met Proof, who was a senior at the time. A few years later, Mudd joined a group with Proof and another rapper, Thyme, called 5-Elementz (5ElA). The group gained notoriety around Detroit in the mid 90s. They all worked at Maurice Malones Hip Hop Shop and— with the support of Malone—moved to New York in search of a record deal. Proof ultimately left the group to join Eminem on the road. After a falling out, Proof and Mudd smoothed out their differences in 2004, and the two frequently hung out when Proof was in Detroit. Mudd raps on Proofs Searching for Jerry Garcia. Here is his story.

What was your relationship with Proof like most recently?
It was like five years of catching up on all the experiences he had been through. It was still the big brother/little brother type relationship. We had a routine: Wild Woodys on Wednesday, Tuesday was Northern Lites, Mondays we would hang at a titty bar call Jon-Jons, Saturday was the State Theater. If I wanted to see him or find him, I knew where to go. We would play pool at Bookies.

In the last few months before his death, was there anything different about Proof?
It was different. He was starting to get more focused. He had stopped all the pills and weed smoking. Before, we were deep into metaphysics. Anything that he was doing, he was fully aware of the concepts. Proof not only a very intelligent person, he was very spiritual as well.

Tell us about that night. How did it start off?
Once we started hanging, we started hanging until the sun came up. After hours was nothing out of the norm for us, we had been doing that since 95. It was a Monday night. I text him. He says, “Im at the Coliseum. Me, Horny Mack and Chop.” The Coliseum is a strip tease establishment. We at the titty bar chillin. Got the booth, drank a little, hollered at the DJ. Then we go to the Rolex, another strip tease establishment, and then we go to the CCC. I had been there numerous times before that. It was kind of a shady spot. Cats always had they pistols. We hip-hop and from Detroit, but you still got to keep strapped, because Detroit is a gangsta-ass city, and theres a lot of cats that want to play gangsta here. Certain cats get down and the East Side has the reputation for being the grimier side of town.

What happened when you went inside Triple C?
For some reason they searched everybody, but they didnt search me. I had my pistol on me, of course. We had some drinks, everybody buzzed up. It was a private establishment and it wasnt really that crowded that night. The guy that I know as Keith Bender was playing pool with Proof. Horny Mack was watching the game. I was kinda pissed there wasnt no ladies in the house. I just chilled, watched the game for a minute and went to the other side of the bar. We were getting ready to leave. We walked out the door. We saw two girls from the Rolex, one I was hollering at previously.

I go back in and I didnt get searched again. Proof started hollering at one of the girls. I started hollering at the other girl. We kickin it. Im macking, Im doing the Mudd thing. Meanwhile, to my left I see Bender and Proof having some words. They started to get a little loud. I told old girl, “Hold on for a second. Lets try to calm sh*t down.” It wasnt anything out of the ordinary for Proof to get drunk and fight. that personality, the Derrty Harry, the scrap-happy type of individual.

How was Keith Bender acting at this point?“I dont care who the f*ck you are,” thats what Bender was saying to Proof. Even with being on the cover of Rolling Stone, he still would go around to different spots and show love in the city. Of course Bender knows who he is. He went to Osborn with him—on that side of town, thats the main high school. They know each other and Im sure theyve had dialogue before this. Everybody knows somebody from somebody. At the time, I didnt notice, this was pretty much the Osborn crowd, just grown.

They in the argument, so we separate them. I remember my last words to Bender were “Calm down, it aint that serious.” He had his arms folded, leaning up against the back of the bar. Proof was talking to L.A., the owner of the club, trying to smooth the sh*t out. Thats when Keith Bender walked around me. Nobodys really watching him because we thinking the sh*t is cool.

Bender walks around me, and walks up behind Proof and punches him in the face with his right hand. Everybody starts backing up like, “Get out the way, let them fight.” There were people up there with Bender. We were all going to fight, but this discrepancy was between these two gentlemen. All of a sudden I hear some shots coming from my right side, behind me. I look up and see its Mario Etheridge shooting in the air, I guess to break up the fight.

How did you react when you heard the first shots?
Reflex-wise, I put my hand on my gun. Its already escalating and now muthaf*ckas shooting. Im going for my pistol. Proof knew I had my pistol. Proof tackles me across the room onto the pool table. As hes pushing me back. Im looking at Etheridge. Hes shooting in the air. At the same time Proofs pushing me. Im telling him, “Hes shooting in the air, dont sweat it.” Hes like, “Mudd, give me the gun.” I tell him, “He aint trying to kill us.” Proof slams me into the back of the pool table. I fall back, he pulls my pistol from my waistband. He walks across to where he was fighting with Bender and he shoots in the air, I guess answering the shots that Mario put in the air. And so with that, Bender attacks him. Theyre struggling. Im getting off the pool table because my back is f*cking killing me, so Im kind of slow reacting, getting over to the side of the room. Before I could get over there, Mario had came through and started shooting in the direction of Proof and his cousin, Keith Bender. I see them both drop. Theres smoke everywhere. Mario Etheridge leaves. Im moving people out of the way. I see Proof lying there hit, blood everywhere. Keith Bender is lying there bleeding, blood slowly running out of his head.

What happened next?
Im reaching for my phone. Its in the car. Horny Mack has the keys. Im like, “Unlock the door, let me get my phone so I can call 911.” I go get my phone, I come back in. I look and Benders body is gone. Im looking around and the back door is open. I see Proof, Im checking for the vitals. Aint none. There was this look in his eye, he wasnt there anymore. I still couldnt call 911. It was more so shock than anything. Im normally cool under pressure-type situations, but it was one of those things. We couldnt do nothing, say anything. Chop was there. He was crying. Chops looking at me like, Where are those keys? Im still looking at Proof. Chops screaming. Im like, “Who got the keys? Horny Mack?” And hes like, “I dont got the keys.” We were going to get his body out and get him to the hospital.

How were the other people in the club acting at this point?
We heard doors lock and I heard a girls voice say, “This what we gonna say yall. We gonna say Proof got shot at Coney Island .” Me hearing that, Im looking at my pistol on the ground next to Proofs left hand. I grabbed my pistol. Im thinking, Yall can say what you want to say. You already killed the man. But yall gonna leave this nigga and dump him somewhere? Im not going to live with that. I know Im gonna live and tell the story the correct way. I leave take my gun with me out the back door. Im watching to see if anybody trying to stop me. As I head up the street, Horny Mack comes walking between the side of these two houses. Im hurt and Im not walking too fast. I see Horny holding his hand. He said he was hit, he got shot in the hand. Im like, “Damn, Horny, what we gonna do?” Horny bent the corner and went back around toward the club. I went straight. I knew I wasnt going to cooperate with the story. I aint never been that cat. They want me to cooperate so aint nobody going to jail. I was like, f*ck that.

Ive never been shocked before or terrified beyond the capacity of rational thought. I couldnt remember where the f*ck I had parked my car. Im in a state of shock. I called my cousin who is a lawyer, told her, “This is what happened. It was my gun. Am I in any kind of trouble?” I aint trying to go jail. I dont want nobody to come looking for me in retaliation. I know they trying to corroborate a story. I dont know what to do.

How did you carry on after that?
The next day I didnt go to work. My cousin called in. She basically gave me the best legal advice: “Theres two things you do. You can either go in and tell a story, or you can say nothing at all. Homicide detectives are going to come looking for you.” I waited it out for a day. My phone is blowing up. 6 oclock in the morning. Its the first thing on the news, “Rapper Proof was killed along with another man and police are looking for Bizarre.” I dont know how they got Bizarres name. Maybe the name Mudd sounded bizarre. Bizarre was in Atlanta. aint even hangin in spots like that. That was kind of a signal, somebodys talking to police and to media. Im like, Damn, its a matter of time.

I just chilled out with my cousin for a minute and I didnt go home the first night. The second night I did come home, but I didnt know if anybody was looking for me, so I parked around the corner and walked to my place and went in through the back door. I went to work the next day. I was just kind of waiting to see whats going to happen.

I got a phone call from Salaam Wreck. I met Salaam through Proof, but I dont know him like that. I know hes the DJ for D12. Hes like, “I heard you was there.” I kind of blew him off. Then Swift calls me like, “Mudd, what happened? We talked to Horny Mack and we heard you was there. Come talk to us. We all at the studio. Ems here and we want to talk.” After 11, I called back to the studio. I think Swift was there and Salaam Wreck. Swifts been my man since back in the day and hes always been a standup guy. I end up telling the story all over again.

So how did the detectives actually get in touch with you?
That next morning Proofs cousin, Dwayne, called me and he told me about this lawyer, David Gorash, and if Im in any kind of trouble, they had my back. All of a sudden a wrongful death suit, and muthaf*ckas talking about suing. I went down to the studio to talk to some of the artists from D12 and David Gorash. The rumor was Proof shot Bender in the face and Mario came over and shot and killed Proof. That aint the f*ck what happened, but thats what everybodys saying. I even heard Horny Mack tell that story, from another party. And Im like, “He was standing right there. He saw what I saw.” Everyone was asking me, “What happened to Proofs jewelry?” He always had his jewelry when we were hanging out. His Rolex, P-chain and pinky ring. We talking a lot of jewelry thats worth a lot of money. I was like, “I dont know. Whoever stayed, you might want to ask them.”

Word is out, Mudd was there. People would see us together like all the time. Its out in the street now. It wasnt out in the news or papers yet. David Gorash asked me to talk to someone in homicide. At the time, we didnt know ballistic-wise who shot who. We still dont know to this day.

I went down to 1300 Beaubien . I made a statement. The detectives said they would keep it under wraps and I didnt have to worry about my statement getting involved in the media. At the same time, theyre cops. I dont trust them. I feel f*cked up for going to cops in the first place. But here it is, Im in a catch-22 situation. Im worrying about people seeing me and knowing me from that spot, because the East Side of Detroit is a very small place. I am already thinking of what the consequences may be, because Im the only one telling my story. Later, I heard theres another person telling the story exactly how I did. They still didnt tell me who it was. I dont even think I met this person. Im feeling out here by myself. I know Chop knows them and Chop aint going to say nothing. I heard at the time Horny Macks story changed so many different times so he wasnt credible. Regardless, I was going to tell the truth. I go down there to talk to homicide and they said they wasnt going to say sh*t. I go to work and people still calling me. Im blowing off cats left and right. I asked the guys from D12 and the lawyer had suggested that none of them repeat what I told them.

Tell me about the funeral.
Time goes by, the wake comes up, funeral comes up. Thyme and I spoke at the funeral. Even in the obituary it mentions us. Mama, Proofs mother, included us in there. You dont think about that type of sh*t everyday—it was an honor. The funeral was touching. I hadnt cried like that since I was a kid. It was more so mental with me, because I was there. Horny Mack was at the funeral and we were the only people who witnessed it. It was one of those things that was just tragic and f*cked up all because of nothing.

Backing up for a minute, you said you recognized Mario Etheridge from high school?
I didnt know that I knew Mario. You know, you see people later in life and theyre grown up and they gain weight? I remember him young. I look different from high school too. I had a nose ring, dreadlocks, big hoop earrings, baggy pants. I looked in the yearbook, and low and behold, there he was. I remember him from high school. He was chubby then.

Then I found out that Proof and Keith Bender were at Osborn together. Everybody in the place knows each other from somewhere or are familiar with each other. It almost seemed like this was some high school grudge sh*t, as petty as it is. You start investigating more and its like, Damn, this sh*t should have never happened. Detroits hater capitol of the world and muthaf*ckas wanna take sh*t to the next level. It escalated for nothing.

Why did you decide to tell part of the story anonymously to XXL several months ago?
I decided to do it once everything started going wrong. Theres two men tragically lost, and Benders family is thinking about how much money hes going to get. Bender started the whole thing. And then Benders cousin started shooting. And here it is, we outnumbered. I know these muthaf*ckas are going to say whatever they can to keep Mario from going to jail.

Sooner or later, it was going to come out that I was there, so I might as well for Proofs sake, for his familys sake and for his kids sake. Hes got five kids. You want to take money from his children? You want to take money from his loved ones, from his mother? Thats f*cked up. I felt obligated, morally. someone Ive known that long and saw him killed, I got to say something.

As far as testifying, when did they contact you?
I didnt hear about the case until the day they subpoenaed me. Three homicide detectives came up to my job on Monday (September 18). One detective, Charles Zwicker, I recognized from the first time. He wrote the statement down. Im calm now that I see a familiar face. Hes like, “Youre being subpoenaed. You got to appear in court tomorrow morning at 8:45.” Theyre like, “Youre the last witness.”

I really couldnt sleep that night. I got down there and walked in and the detective who subpoenaed me told me to step outside. “Look over your statement, and make sure you dont talk to nobody.”

I step up to the stand. The prosecutor examined me and his defense cross-examined me. After I gave the testimony, Proofs mother came in on the second half. They brought the gun out and asked me if I recognized the pistol. I knew everything about my gun, even my serial number. I told them, “Glock 32, semi-automatic, mid-size .357 caliber.”

A guy came up to me who was on the stand when I first walked in. I knew he looked familiar. He introduced himself as L.A. “Im the club owner,” he . “Aint no love lost, you did the right thing.” The defense had asked me, Did I know how Proof had got to the hospital? Turns out L.A. took him to the hospital, at least thats what he told me. He told me aint no love lost. He loved Proof, that was his boy and he still has the chess set Proof gave him. Proof lost a game of chess, and he had to buy him a crystal chess set. Hes like, I still got the blood-stained shirt with his blood all over it. That was my man, I loved him. You aint got to worry.


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  1. think about that shit. one minute you’re here and another minute you aren’t. think about that.

    • Think about it it`s yr bro you bring a gun see the man shoot your bro don`t use your gun or give it to your bro to defend himself or so mach ass punch him thats bull shit. You go to the cops why do you want to be charged with accoplis or not charged at all why cause you some fake hero

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean lil lunatik. I can’t believe Proof died. He was awesome, shouldn’t have happened to him.

    x RIP Proof x

  3. I’m glad he’s dead.

  4. To the sixth person who commented on here, you can rot in hell. Hating someone is one thing, rejoicing about his death is mean and devilish.

    Proof’s death is a great loss for the hip hop community.

    RIP Deshaun Holton. He was one of Detroit’s most skilled emcees.

  5. R.I.P Deshaun “Proof” Holton.One of d12’s great emcees you’ll be missed

  6. This witness testimony is not exact. Did Proof accidentally shoot Bender in the struggle? Deliberately? Did Mario shoot both of them? Not likely if it was his cousin and he had handled a gun before. Why would Proof shoot in the air if Mario already had? Ballistics could have proven what went down, but apparently, there is not a competent CSI in Detroit, big surprise. If the ballistics were tampered with, that would have been worth investigating.

    Proof’s biggest mistake was grabbing that gun and not just leaving. I’ve seen singers on stage get nearly attacked by fans and not respond. When you’re famous, its the bouncer’s job to bust heads, not yours. Proof was not thinking as a father either, going out and digging for the lowest of the low, instead of living life. I understand the attraction of the dark side, and where you came from, but you gotta think straight about responsiblity and mortality, and courting trouble at 35 was clearly, a tragic mistake.

    • Agreed. Should have enjoyed the titty-bar and went home to bed.

    • When proof grabed the gun it was more well look i got a motha fucking gun to,and when justin beiber or what ever gets attacked on stage they need boncers,but some ppl like to handle there own shit.And btw there where no bouncers there.
      Proof was a D rapper he didnt need/want guards he handled his own shit just like ever one else here

  7. +++RIP+++ Proof…we love you!

  8. As the goodie mob would say..The Good Die Mostly Over Bullshit. RIP

  9. Rest in Peace, Proof.

  10. R.I.P proof

    and mario get a life ya sad fu_king pr_ck
    this kind of s**t happens to the best of us i hope your next

  11. As old as this story is the wounds will never be healed. What “should” have happened is of no significance because those facts, legit or not, won’t change anything. God damn Mario Etheridge and piss on Bender’s grave (if I knew where it was I would).

    • I found where this bitch is buried.
      Lincoln Memorial Park
      Clinton Township
      Macomb County
      Michigan, USA
      When you are there, dig this bitch out, shit in his grave, shit on him and leave the body on the ground.

    • I found out where this bitch is buried. Gonna check it out?
      Lincoln Memorial Park
      Clinton Township
      Macomb County
      Michigan, USA
      Now, when you ARE there, dig this mofo up, pull him out from his grave, shit on him, crush his skull then shit into his grave and leav him on the ground.

  12. mudd, u did the right thing. fuck you mario u pathetic mutha fucka. i hope u get shot and u burn in hell. i hope JAC finds benders grave and pisses all ova it.
    R.I.P. Proof. We love u.

  13. i just killed Mario Etheridge

  14. R.I.P Proof, you’ll be missed homie

  15. heartbreaking stuff, i didnt know a lot of that stuff. Its funny how much you realize how dope someone is after they die ya know….. Dont get me wrong I had a lot of old freestyles with proof and em and proofs cd but It just makes you think a lot about life and the choices we make for ourselves. Proff was a great musician and he will be missed dearly

  16. Saw D12 at the weekend at T In The Park (scottish music festival) pity i never got to see big proof perform with them, saw em perform that night too, both were biggin up proof and the crowd were goin crazy for him, nice tribute.

    R.I.P Big Proof


  18. “It is shameful that [Proof] is being lauded as a hero and martyr, when, in fact, it was his own criminalistic conduct that not only led to his death, but took the life of an honorable, innocent man,” said Michael Cafferty, one of the Bender family’s lawyers, in a press statement.”

    2 strip clubs getting wasted then CCC for some more, known for getting into arguments, had already been in arguments with other people there prior to the incident then grabbed a gun.
    Has a family and he’s out doing that and everyone making proof as the good guy? Come on. Terrible, two people died, but some of you need to get your head out of your fav artist ass see it for what it is. Fans stick to proof and can’t comprehend that it was his fault. WTF would you do if you just seen your cousin shot in the face by proof?
    Proof has been glorified as if he was a saint, people talking how good he was. Act like a gangbanger pay the consequences. This stupid thug gang bs shouldn’t be tolerated how it is in main stream music. Proofs death was his own fault. He killed a man but all people wanna say is that he’s a great musician and will be missed. Sad

    • Ur just a fucking hatin ass mutha fucker did u not just read that article? it says EXACTLY wat happened that night
      “It is shameful that [Proof] is being lauded as a hero and martyr, when, in fact, it was his own criminalistic conduct that not only led to his death, but took the life of an honorable, innocent man,” said Michael Cafferty, one of the Bender family’s lawyers, in a press statement.

      ^Complete bullshit


      criminalistic isn’t even a god damned word


      i don’t give a fuck what u say from what i see it was benders cousin Mario who shot both men in the club that night just because ur a dumb ass and cant comprehend that doesn’t mean u need to leak ur stupidity all over what was really just a tragic mishap that should never have escalated to the point that it did… so if u cant get your facts strait don’t fucking open ur suck-hole unless ur putting a dick in it

    • this might be true, but this is where he was brought up! besides mario pulled the gun first

  19. Okay, so this is what I think. I think proof started arguing with Mario’s cousin over something that happened in high school, or perhaps try made a bet on pool, one lost, and sense they both were drunk, whined about losing. Eventually they start fist fighting. The bouncer Mario, who also ilegally had a conealed weapon, fired into the air. And in my opinion, I think if it wasn’t his cousin, he wouldn’t give a f*ck if two strangers started fighting unless one pulled out a gun. Then proof, scared as hell hearing the gunshots, run over and fights with his friend for his pistol, eventually he gets it, and fires it into the air. Mario is very afraid he’s gonna shoot his cousin, and with all the smoke from the fired shots, shoots away, killing both. He sees what he’s done, tells his parents proof shot him, and it all leads up to this. I say Mario is the murderer here. R.I.P Proof and R.I.P. Mario’s cousin, cuz he didn’t deserve to die either.

  20. Proofs death was a tragedy and DID have great repercussions that have lasted even to this day, Eminem is still just getting over his death i mean think about it em’s last CD before relapse was encore in 2005 he was on drugs for years after proof died and he is just now putting all that behind him…

    that in itself impacted rap in a huge way not to mention that proof was one of the best DJs in the world…

    Where are this other guys accomplishments? the only thing i can see that he has accomplished is making the world a shittier place by escalating things past where they needed to be and indirectly causing his and proofs death and igniting the fall of a great hip-hop artist. All in all this was HIS fault, all evidence in this article points that out it is blatantly obvious.

  21. fuck mario he should be dragged out to the streets and be shot dead
    Poor Proof


  23. hey i wanna say R.I.P proof and btw i heard that who killed proof was a member of g unit i know is fucked up so guys can u tell me if this is true??

  24. No it wasnt a member of g unit

  25. I honestly doubt that my cousin mario is the one who posted that comment about proof being dead. I am Benders daughter and for those who think all we want was money is full of shit. All we want was factual answers as to what happened that night. We weren’t there so we don’t know just as all of you asswhipes have no clue. Don’t speak on shit you don’t know. And as for the bitch bastard who said you’d piss on his grave dig him up and shit on him… bahahaha grow the fuck up. ya’ll bitches act like ya’ll knew proof personally. You don’t know what the outopsys read or exactly what balistics reports came back. Both of them are dead. Neither of them can tell the story so fuck what you read and hear. It ain’t all truth and it ain’t all false statements so if you don’t know keep your disrespectful comments to your got damn self. What if it was your father? Both Bender and Proof had kids so think about shit you say before you say it. Know facts before you speak or kiss my ass.


  26. && Happy Birthday dad we love and miss you -Babygirl

  27. ok loook u mf r stupif pissin shityin on bendr’s grave Proof was wrong i know 3ppl tht was there tht nite the said Proof was arguin sayin he was the King of yhe D Proof shot bender point blank bender cuz shot &killed Proof wtf Proof thougjt he was and pissin on his grave does xcactly wat absolutly nothin the bender family shld b compensated for there lost pleze dnt get me wrong r.ip 2them both Proof os married he shld hav had his ass home tht tim of nite w/his fam now if he wnt home he probaly wld hav bn alive hard heard made proof a soft ass he started it sorry justice has bn served may God bless both families nobodies above God~

    • Yep my dad shoulda been home too but shit happens. He was celebrating that he was gonna get his pacemaker removed from his chest since his heart condition had gotten better 😦

      • Sucker punching with a peace maker that don’t sound like celebrating.

      • If your benders daughter wats your birthday age and wat was the doctors. Name that did the surgery on the pacemaker, my dad is a cardio surgeon in Detroit and he can tell me who did the surgery and when they did it and if you can get that right then I’ll believe you.

      • If your benders daughter wats your birthday age and wat was the doctors. Name that did the surgery on the pacemaker, my dad is a cardio surgeon in Detroit and he can tell me who did the surgery and when they did it and if you can get that right then I’ll believe you.

      • What the fuck does my bday & age have to do with his surgery dumbass? I know the truth so it doesnt matter if you believe me or not. How bout you give me your dads name so I can turn his ass in for pulling up hospital records which I’m sure he has no access to lol you are not to bright. It takes more than being a surgeon to pull ppls charts sweetheart

    • simply dont understand a fucking word you said, learn to type.

      and do we really think that Mario would shoot his own cousin.. =\ not as though he would just blindly fire into a fight with 2 people, one of them being his cousin..

      • wow.not sure where to start…trying to read some of your messages is damn depressing.i understand now why peopl r concerned our county is full of ingnorant and uneducated people.And yes, doctors absolutly have access to that information…kind of funny when people who literaly dont have a clue act like they do…all u need is the doctors name to find if its true or not.nd i would sugvgest if proof was shot in the back and rear of his head, and the other gentleman was shot in his face that the dumbass who shot proof shot the other man as well.ballistics would undoubtably resolve this.nd if proof had shot him in the face at point blank range w a .357, he would have had zero chance of surviveing for 8 days.
        and as far as all the “gangsters”out there who carry…Bottom line is its called GENOCIDE….all because you are afraid of wearing an ass beating for a couple of days.cause thats what it boils down to…you are scared…funny concidering you all want everyone to believe u arent scared of anything,are brave and tuff, (calling yourselves soildiers,ect.)when in reality,u cant even have a fistfight without nearly staining your underwear.The whole “gangster movement” thats now dominant in rap, and all inner cities will and is absulutly destroying humanity and a large part of our youth.It does nothing but promote all the things that destroy humanity and decent society…and whats sickening is that so many of the people whom r murdered are very intelligent decent people who thought it would be cool to act like the dumbasses who have made a living rapping about BS.
        just my opinion, ………………………………………………………….White Dude

  28. Kmsl peace maker? Idiot its a Pacemaker. & being a rapper, high as hell and pissy drunk doesnt make proof a very good role model while folks still praisin him! & im sure u wasnt there so go to hell with all that cause if someone walked up on yo ass with some bullshit your ass would be ready to fight too so shut that shit up

    • Fuck em both. Fuck rap. Fuck guns fuck drinking at bars and fuck you lol real men work and stay at home. Proof had 5 kids prob with 3 diff baby mommas. That’s wack 2. He should have been working or at home. And as for ur dad well if he was a real man thinking about his kids he would have walked away as well. Fuck niggas who can’t fight and have to use guns. Real talk.

      • Fuck you shit someone should pull heat on yo ass and see how u handle it lol u gone walk away… Doubt it so shut the fuck up. Hell if someone ran up on u with a stick u wouldnt walk away so gone on with all that bullshit. U aint no saint so who are u to say if they were thinkin bout they kids they woulda walked away smh sit yo ass down somewhere

  29. RIP proof we love you brother

  30. both of them were looking for a good time everyone does it even married people, you know just hanging with the guys, things just escalated then people lost live. RIP

  31. i think the hole situation sucks and i dont think proof shot anyone i listen to him alot and i never herd him talk about guns in his music and the funny thing is i here every single rapper now talking about guns and how they kill ppl to me you wouldnt say worldwide i killed this person if they realy did thats just dumb i think the only rappers that said they have guns and didnt kill anyone was weezy and tupac

    • okay i wont take side but ill say this i think that if mario didnt pull that gun an pop it off like a gangster no one would of died them to would of thrown some punches it would of got broken up an they would both be hear an to blam marios cousin is sad an pathedic its all on mario people fight all the time just look at it like this you start poping off a gun in a hard core club like ccc whats going to happen you all know that answer no matter hew pulled the triger that killed marios cousin in my mario is at fault an for all of you to be talking this shit about both sides neither of them would wont that

    • do not say tupac did not kill anyone, we dont know about rappers until they become famous, before that there just bad kids

  32. im not takind sides, but in the end of the story, it was really benders fault. everything would have been ok if he wouldnt have pulled his gun out. he could have just gone there and seperate them. fuck it, maybe thrown some punches.. but he had to take the fucking gun out… and all the media talkin that Proof shot the other guy first? fuck it, the media always tells the story how they want to tell it.

  33. at the end of the day their all black, what do you expect

  34. It don’t all add up there r 6 of em there all gt the same story but only 3 of em was there @ the time like 2pac and biggie no 1 nose why they was shoot its all to do wif the lumanarti

  35. This is not correct.

  36. is there suppose to be more? You aint got to worry.??? thats all. thats fuked up..mudd pulled punk but it seems kinda set up and they horny mak dude was in on it cuz dude acting all dumb and cant find keys and frontin’ like a biotch

  37. R.I.P Proof! Imu

  38. The orange one I got for my sister looks just as good, but I prefer this bright yellow one cuz the beach pictures came out real nice. Just practice a little with the tent folding technique so u don’t embarrass yourself at the beach!

  39. wow, I got the full story. I didn’t know all that. very interesting to read.

  40. Yeah Proof got into fights. That’s what he did. But if Mario had never started shooting into the air and tried to physically break up the fight, Proof wouldn’t have asked Mudd for his pistol and there wouldn’t be any problem. Fights die down eventually. Either Keith and Proof would stop fighting, or someone would stop them. Shooting was completely unnecessary, so I am holding Mario at fault here.

  41. REALLY??? wtf you fucking americans and your fucking guns…you have canada just at the corner, who as a total different approach on guns, but you are so fucking arrogant and proud that don´t wanna learn…therefore while your head´s are stuck up your ass and you don´t learn to work things out without weapons, many more people will die and your country is the prefect example of that…fucking losers.

    • I know u posted the comment a little while ago but America doesn’t have guns so every one can kill each other it’s supposed to be like if one guy is going to shoot someone he might change his mind cuz the guy sittin next to him might have a gun and shoot him the second he pulls the trigger …. And America is the most badass country ever and all you Canadian do is drink syrup and eat moose meat USA!

      • K i live in Prince George ,BC, Canada I’m 15 and that’s bullshit i only use syrup when im eating pancakes or waffles and most people don’t eat moose, only people that like to hunt do.Like do most Americans really think we are like that???

  42. evreybody can get a gun if he want to,

    and all you saying : “they should be at work/home” WTF ? just because they have kids they have to work 24/7 ??.. shut tha fuck up
    evreybody have party once a time !

    Proof grew up like that, it was nothing special for him to fight someone ! who gives a fuck people fighting every day !!!!
    Proof was drunk and got into a fight ! then he hears gunshots.. WHY THE FUCK SOMEBODY HAVE TO SHOOT TO STOP THE FIGHT ?


    R.I.P PROOF !!! Greetings from Serbia

  43. bieb’s…

    […]The Truth About What Happened To Proof… « Go To BronxRap.com Quickly!!![…]…

  44. I miss you brother, RIP

  45. Depressing stuff. Mario should get his thumb outa his ass and realize that he deserves to have his balls hit off by a pro batter. I’m not kidding, Proof is a legend. I am so finding benders grave and takin a shit on it. RIP Proof ❤

  46. Hey people where are some of your brains? Pay attention to Mudds statement. “Mario shoots in the air”, He tells Proof its cool he shot in the air… Then says Proof get his gun and shoots in the air too so Mario will know he got a gun too. (THINK HARD ABOUT THAT ONE) Now he goes on to say after Proof shoots in the air Bender punches Proof in the face… ANYBODY WANTS TO BELIEVE THAT ONE? oK LETS USE OUR BRAINS HERE. So Now after taking the time to let our prejudices out of the equaision this means Proofs people and fans and also Benders people, Please open your eyes and think. What happened was bad all the way round and two Black men are dead for no real reason. Many lives are noe distorted forever and all you sideline FOOLS IS BARKING on the side. As to you clowns who claim to want to piss on Benders grave…Really? Why? He wasn’t the one who shoot Proof. What did he do to be drug up and all that stupid stuff you say…And I mean “SAY” cause not one of you gonna go dig up them white folks grave yards. (laughing) and to be real you dont know who to hate so you spout out on the net this foolishness. Now let them two Brothers Souls Rest in Peace. To somebody they BOTH were good men. Oh one more things before I go. Why is it all the TUFF PEOPLE ON THESE PAGES NEVER PUT THEIR NAMES AND ADDRESSES OUT HERE SO THEY CAN BRING THEIR GRIPES TO THE FLOOR. I know where both Brothers are buried and I also know where Mario is at right now. All that want to get at Mario Ill meet you and take you to him and them that wants to go to the grave sites Ill take you there too. post your hookups like men and I WILL CONTAT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. signed UNK LEE! Not hard to find and known throughout the D.

    • Unk lee!! Tell me how to contact you guys. Been wanting to get ahold of mario to check on him & heard about gma leona passing. Is that true? Dont know how to contact anyone though

  47. pussy bitch hole


  49. Rip proof

  50. R.ip. Proof

  51. A big disgrace to the word black.

  52. This tragedy should never have occured. Love goes out to all affected parties…
    R.I.P:DeShaun Dupree Holton
    Keith Bender, Jr.

  53. if proof was still alive the rap game would be alot better…

  54. i agree why the fuck would he pull a gun out and start bussin it in the air instead of trying to break the fight up what ever beef they had or what caused the altercation to happend i know coulndt have been that dam drastic to pull out a fucking gun and start bussing in the air hes the one that esclated the shit and in my oppinion he should take not all but most of the blame for the shit.

  55. @An American?… Yes-“all you Canadians do is drink syrup and eat moose meat USA!”
    K i live in Prince George ,BC, Canada I’m 15 and that’s bullshit i only use syrup when im eating pancakes or waffles and most people don’t eat moose only people that like to hunt do. Like do most Americans really think we are like that???
    -As for the main subject i have been researching the death of DeShaun Holton all day and this testimony is the real deal. The police report and other articles just had too many things that didn’t add up…RIP PROOF

  56. This nigga is lying through his teeth,ballistics proved 2 guns were fired and 2 different guns killed both. proof murdered Bender and is a worthless bag of shit.What nigga attacks another nigga to grab his gat bcuz some other nigga is busting caps.If you believe that your one dumb nigga. RIP Mr Bender.Mr Etridge you’re a hero.

  57. The father of give children is dead and gone. Yet so many people are falling about what hip hop and music lost. So many people saying how awful it is a dope MC is gone. We are here mourning the effect it had on Detroit music, on Eminem, on rap as a whole. None of that is remotely important. Two people are dead. Five babies lost their daddy, their father is gone! We need to outgrow this “music and keeping it real is everything” mentality. It is so much deeper than music.

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  60. R.I.P dawg

  61. Soo… where’s the source? Because .wordpress isn’t considered a reliable one, and don’t know of anyone who would grant an interview to a site that anyone with an email can make.

    Sooooo… where’s that source?

  62. Just to be clear, I’m not saying this isn’t real, or true, just asking for a source.

  63. Just finished the article. Either someone made this up entirely, or this “Mudd” guy is lying through his teeth. It’s abundantly obvious. Sad that Proof died, unfortunately we’ll never know the truth.

    To anyone who cares, an album was released around the time of his death (either right before or after) called “Searching for Jerry Garcia”. I assume if anyone finds this comment, they’re a fan, and should check it out, it was really good.

    And of course the friends and family of the other guy who was murdered are going to say it was unjust, and of course friends of Proof are going to say it’s unjust.

    I just have one question… no, two: When you’re a rich and famous millionaire, why would you feel the need to kill someone?

    Two: And this probably bugs me the most, WHY WOULD YOU CONTINUE TO LIVE IN A SHITTY NEIGHBORHOOD???

    Comments like “to keep it gangsta” and other ebonics stupidity will be ignored. Legitimate answers are appreciated.

    RIP Proof.

  64. I really wish people would know what there talking about before they talk. I know someone that was there and he told us everything. Mudd’s story is 75% true. There are a few things that he left out. First off, Proof didn’t demand that mudd give him his gun. When the bouncer fired the shots in the air, proof panicked and pushed mudd out the way and they both fell down and mudd’s gun fell on the floor and proof picked it up. That’s how he got a hold of Mudd’s weapon. Secondly, no Mario did not just come over and started shooting in the direction of proof and his cousin. What happened was, he saw proof and his cousin fighting over the loaded weapon, so in defense of his cousin, he tried to shoot proof, but missed and hit his cousin instead. He got so enraged and that’s when he shot proof 4 times–killing him instantly. This is considered second degree murder, which is defined as murder that is not planned but murder that happens in the heat of the moment. Mario shot and killed proof in a fit of rage, not self defense. If it was really self defense then he would have called for help or he would have turned himself in that night. An innocent person does not leave the scene of the crime, disappear for 2 or 3 days, and then return with an attorney before they are even charged with anything. If it wasn’t for those half ass investigating cops, and the fact that ballistics were inconclusive, and conflicting eye witness accounts, i can guarantee you that Mario would have been in prison for life.

  65. Maybe I misunderstood the article. But why did Mudd just leave Proof in the club? What happened to Bender’s body? Who took his body off. Why did it suddenly disappear? If it were me, I would have called the ambulance and stayed by Proof’s side until they got there. I would not have left. Maybe Mudd leaving was some street code that I don’t understand. Maybe staying would have endangered Mudd’s life. But I would have stayed, called the ambulance, then called his mother. That’s just me. I have a very poor sense of danger. I never sense it until it’s right up on me. I’ve gotten myself in a lot of trouble that way. I appreciate this guy telling the truth. I know it’s hard when it comes to black people and the police. I’m black by the way. What I don’t understand is, black people are willing to die and go to hell over some a stupid disagreement, but the moment the police are involved they get scared and either lie or don’t say anything at all. Maybe we just get caught up in the moment. The incident with Proof and Bender sounded like a weird freak accident. Unless Proof really did shoot Bender in the face while they were struggling and Mario shot proof in retaliation.

  66. To the person who said mudd is lying through his teeth, please try doing some research. It is a well known fact that there wasn’t any ballistic evidence that proved beyond a reasonable doubt who shot who because ballistics were inconclusive. So all the evidence that painted proof as a killer is based solely on eye witness accounts–mainly that of the bouncer and his people. This is why police should always dig deeper before building a case mainly on eye witness accounts because they are not always 100% reliable. Witnesses view things from different angles, from different viewpoints and with different biases.

    • Balistic reports did come back dumb ass, proof shot keith & mario shot proof. Why ya’ll still on this? Let them rest in peace.

  67. WOW! People its 2014 now!!! And shits still going on!!! But can we PLEASE stab Mario, shot him, drive over him like 999999999999999 times, shit and him, piss on him, kill him twice, shove a nuclear bomb in his ass and piss on his remains. Then I’ll be happy! Proof it should have been Mario!!!! WHY!!!! 😦 ┌П┐*beep* YOU MARIO!!!!! Rip Proof, one for me, my hommies, and all the great rappers Tupac, Biggie and now Proof, sharing a 40oz with my hommies making songs, well I’m starting to talk a lot of SHIT now so bye, BTW mario you aint ready for underground beef, D for life!!!!! EMINEM IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!

    • UGHH KILL YOSELF. ALL YOU DUMB FUCKS!! This was sooo 2006. Let them rest in peace shit.

      • I’m sorry its just that I really REALLY wanted him to be here to day and I think so does the other people but true dat……..Rest in peace Proof. 🙂

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