Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff Asks 50 Cent, Jay-Z & Gotti Bros To Testify At His Murder Trial

Basically this goes to show, when you take a one life your actually taking two!! People need to start asking themselves is it worth it…….I mean really worth it???? Former drug lord Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff is hoping to have the likes of Irv Gotti, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles take the stand on his behalf next week.

McGriff is presently on trial for allegedly ordering the murder of two rivals, Queens rapper E-Money Bags (born Eric Smith) and Troy Singleton. If convicted, McGriff faces the death penalty. With the prosecution expected to rest this coming Monday (January 22), the defense submitted a star-studded list of witnesses that may be called to take the stand for McGriff. Some of the aforementioned witnesses will take the stand voluntarily while others will be subpoenaed.

There’s no word on whether Irv and Chris Gotti, who were on trial for allegedly laundering McGriff’s drug money back in 2005,will take the stand. The two brothers were exonerated of all charges. It also has yet to be determined whether or not Preme will take the stand on his behalf.

Though they have become rivals over the years, a 50 Cent testimony could help out Preme’s case. While prosecutors accused Preme of having 50 shot throughout the Murder Inc. trial, Fif has admitted that Darryl “Hommo” Baum, a Brooklyn stick-up kid, was the triggerman.

This past Friday, a former McGriff associate testified that Supreme hired him to kill two men because they hit Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti. As the Daily News reported, Emanuel “Dog” Mosley, who pleaded guilty to killing Smith and Singleton after being arraigned on murder charges last year, testified as a government witness, claiming that McGriff offered him a $50,000 contract to have Singleton and another man, Nathan “Green Eyed Born” May, murdered.


3 comments on “Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff Asks 50 Cent, Jay-Z & Gotti Bros To Testify At His Murder Trial

  1. I honestly do not trust the judicial system today! However, they are here for a purpose and although rarely recognized they keep things in place for the most part in this world. So to this situation I have to be real……..Whatever Mcgriff gets he deserves….maybe he’ll think twice next time! He isn’t god, so who gives him the right to take a life????


  2. No lie… Its “Hamo” not “Hommo” hahah…
    But if 50 stands up for Preme that shit’ll be great…

    “/Hamo shot me, 3 weeks later he got shot down.
    Now its clear that im here for a real reason.
    Cause he got hit like i got hit, but he aint fuckin breathing/”

  3. It’s “Hommo” short for homicide.

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