A Must Read!!! Nas & B.I.G Had Beef????

“Y’all don’t know about my Biggie wars/ Who you thought ‘Kick in the Door’ was for?/ But that’s my heart, Y’all still trippin off that Jigga sh*t…” – Nas, “Last Real N***a Alive”


The people of BronxRap.com new about this beef long time ago…But this is for all the heads that didn’t know….We’re just tryin to keep you abreast…L Boogzz

Words by Jesse Hagen

This lyric and the whole song really (which I talked about earlier in my “King Without a Crown” post), pulled back the curtain to reveal a lot of what Nas had been going through since he burst onto the scene with Illmatic. Up until “Last Real N***a Alive,” speculation about a beef between Nas and Biggie hadn’t really been considered.

Though Nas and Biggie never had an official major-label track recorded together during Big’s lifetime, it wasn’t assumed that the two were at odds with each other. In a behind-the-scenes feud, that involved a lot of industry politics: Nas was pulled into a beef that was already going on between Raekwon and Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang clan and the Notorious B.I.G. One that is noted by Nas:

“BIG was ahead of his time, him and Raekwon my n***as/ But dig it, they couldn’t get along/That’s when Ghostface said it on the Purple tape/ Bad Boy biting Nas album come awake/ BIG told me Rae was stealing my slang/ And Rae told me out in Shaolin BIG would do the same thing.”

The beef between Rae and Big came from Rae feeling slighted that Biggie was blowing up so big in 1994 and taking Raekwon’s place as the “rotund rapper that embodied the voice of New York.” Ghostface and Raekwon then created a famous mixtape that was released on a purple cassette which is what Nas is referring to. Ghost criticizes Biggie for stealing his album cover concept on 94’s Ready to Die, which shows a young Christopher Wallace, and is indeed much reminiscent of Nas’s cover for Illmatic, which shows a young Nasir Jones. There is also a threat to throw bleach in Big’s eyes, a line that Big took and used back against Raekwon on “Kick in the Door”

Nas appeared on “Verbal Intercourse” with Raekwon and Ghostface off of Raekwon’s 1995 release Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. The disc also featured a skit called “Shark N****s (Biters),” in which Ghostface and Raekwon are supposedly talking about how Big bit his ideas, flow, and style from Raekwon and others.

To Biggie, it must have looked like Nas had been backing Raekwon in the beef because of his famous guest appearance on Cuban Linx. This coupled with Nas’s refusal to appear on Jay-z’s Reasonable Doubt, showed Biggie that Nas was possibly going against him socially.

A little after OB4CL dropped, Nas started putting some subliminals in his songs. “The Message” off of It Was Written, includes a line that says “Illmatic…/ Y’all fake n***as trying to copy.” On the same album, Nas has a song called “Shootouts,” that includes a cautionary tale about someone named ‘Frank.’ (Biggie’s alias was ‘Frank White’). Nas also made a remix to “Affirmative Action,” that talks about how he feels that Biggie was coming for his spot. Some of the older songs that Nas included on The Lost Tapes also contain a few subliminals that could be aimed at Big (especially on “Everybody’s Crazy” and “No Ideas Original”).

Biggie replied with a few verses that contained subliminal jabs aimed at Nas. Nas says on “Last Real N***a Alive,” that “Kick in the Door,” was about him. The track contains a few subliminals that could be about Nas, but is mostly aimed at Raekwon and Jeru the Damaja. Some of the subliminals in “Kick in the Door:” After the beat drops, Big says “This goes out to you,” with “you” being said 10 times… a potential reference to the 9 members of Raekwon’s Wu-Tang Clan plus Nas? Unlikely, as Biggie collaborated with Method Man for “The What” on Ready to Die, and RZA has a production credit for “Long Kiss Goodnight” on Life After Death, but who knows for sure if the 10 “This goes out to you,” lines are meaningful.

“Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns,” in 1997, no East Coast MC was shining like Biggie was. Nas especially hadn’t recorded another classic after Illmatic and he had begun his decent from “Top Ten to not mentioned at all,” that Jay-z would later reference in battle. This was also an important line in Biggie’s seizing of the New York crown, which Nas could have potentially been holding at that point due to Illmatic.

“I’m done with them/ Son, I’m surprised you run with them,” This could be a clear shot at Nas, based off of Biggie’s suspicion that Nas chose Raekwon and Ghost’s side in the beef.

“This goes out to those that choose to use disrespectful views on the King of NY,” Big’s pretty self explanatory, dedicating the song to anyone he feel has disrespected him, (ie: Nas, Jeru, Ghostface and Raekwon).

There may be a slight case for “Kick in the Door” being aimed at Nas, but the line that really goes at Nas is found on “Victory” off of Puff Daddy’s No Way Out, where B.I.G. says: “Your Fam/ Destiny lays in my hands/ Gat lays at my waist” Nas’s daughter is named Destiny and since Biggie says “your fam,” the line is pretty obviously directed at Nas.

It seems in the end that Nas was more on the offense for this feud. Big shot back a little, but it never erupted into something that spun out of control


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87 comments on “A Must Read!!! Nas & B.I.G Had Beef????

  1. ya’ll late with this one

  2. I new about it but alot of people didn’t know so it’s kinda like a refresh….Come on dogs I remember…But we have alot of youngins…up on here

  3. Hmmmmmmm…..I know that “Kick In the Door” had a couple of darts for Raekwon, but not for Nas. I’m too tired to go listen to the song, so fudge it.

  4. I only knew about the ‘kick in the door’- subliminals.
    Thx Boogie

  5. “Y’all don’t know about my Biggie wars

    Errr. Duh.

    Shit. I walk around TALKING ABOUT my biggie wars.

  6. illllllllllllllllllmmmmmmmmmmmmaticccccccccc

  7. Nas is ill but the fuck is he trying to act like he down with Pac or Big? Pac ain’t like him and Big didn’t feel him either on the low.

    Not for your Dipset or GUnit hardheads. No homo.

    • sorry to reply late but i had to. Biggie didnt feel nas? in an interview he rated nas a ten out of ten. and although TUpac dissed nas, he said nas was his most respectted enemy and they made up before tupac was killed.

      • sorry to reply late but i had to. Biggie didnt feel nas? in an interview he rated nas a ten out of ten. and although TUpac dissed nas, he said nas was his most respectted enemy and they made up before tupac was killed.

        Reply to this one of you do, so it can notify me through e-mail.

    • Reply to me (if you do) through this comment so i can be notified through email

  8. I’m done with them/ Son, I’m surprised you run with them,” This could be a clear shot at Nas, based off of Biggie’s suspicion that Nas chose Raekwon and Ghost’s side in the beef.
    I heard this line was in reference to DJ Premier running with Jeru at the time.
    It’s a good post regardless of time. Alot of peeps ride Biggie now but back then alot of us who knew what was up were siding with the Rae & Ghostc & depending on what kinda of hip hop you were into.

  9. “I’m done with them/ Son, I’m surprised you run with them,” was directed to Preemo about Jeru & Nas. Preem had done production for both. Also I don’t know about this mysterious “purple mixtape” yall speak of. The ‘Purple Tape’ was “Only Built For Cuban Linx”. If you copped cassettes back then you know that album came on a purple not a clear cassette tape. Also a key line about Nas from “Kick In The Door” was the line which BIG states. “It’s funny how niggaz used to be on cruddy shit/took home Ready To Die listened, studied shit/Now they on some money shit successful out the blue” Nas went from Nasty Nas to Nas Escobar from “Illmatic” to “It Was Written”. Also the closing line “That’s why my money never funny/ And you still recouping stupid” Heads know that Nas was signed to MC Serch’s publishing company Serch Lite for Illmatic & wasn’t getting his money like he was supposed to. Just so yall know……besides all that I got love for B.I.G. & Nas. Two of hip-hop’s finest lyricists’ EVER!!!


    • This doesn’t make sense. premo made the beat to ten crack commandments. He produces and made all the scratching and cuts. And equalized it. He needed big in the studio to record him counting to ten. This diss was directected at Nas for appearon Cuban links and not on any of bigs albums.

      • I saw an interview with DJ Premier where he said it was about him. BIG was talking about Jeru to Premo. He wasnt dissing Premo, thats why he said “i’m surprised you run with them.”

  10. Purple Tape is one of illest classics of alltime. How dare you disrespect and call it the mixtape. In my hood we don’t even refer to it as ‘Cuban Linx’, only ‘The Purple Tape’. Forgive yourself.

  11. It all seems far-fetched. Who really knows whether there really was beef or not. I guess we will never know the truth. All I know is Hip-Hop isn’t the same as it was back in the days. Biggie, Mobb Deep, Nas & The Wu. The golden era!!!

  12. Notorious B.I.G(R.I.P)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nas,ghostface,Raekwon

  13. This beef started when nas was in L.A and he saw Biggie and did not speak to him…Biggie then called Jay and said Nas didn’t even speak to him in L.A… also there is a rumor that back in 95 ..Nas and Big was at a party and B.I.G got drunk and was acting real stupid and Nas smacked him…. that might be why Nas said in Street Dreams (rmx) “Was it somebody I smacked…drunk in a party of yak”

  14. Also, the mad rapper in the beginning skit of kick in the door is directed at Nas. He talks about how he’s on his fourth album(which Nas was working on at the time) and hadn’t received any money like Big because of all the problems with MC Serch’s publishing. Also, he says “My Shit is more John Blaze…I got John Blaze shit” which is a direct allusion to a song Nas guest appearanced on with Big Pun, Fat Joe and LOX. And if it helps anymore as a subliminal, the last name of the interviewer in the skit(Trevin Jones) last name is Jones alluding to Nasir Jones (Nas).

    • Wow FuriaRoja8 That’s great info I never knew that. While this blog was interesting they missed a couple of lines. On Kick In Door Big’s line, ““I’m done with them/ Son, I’m surprised you run with them” was not directed at Nas it was in fact directed at Danji and DJ Premier. Danji dissed Biggie and Puff on his last album on a song that Premier produced and ironically Premier produced “Kick In the Door” so when Big says I’m surprised you run with them”? he stating that to Premo like he’s taken back that he hangs with a guy that dissed Biggie. Remember Biggie and Premo had a long going relationship Premo worked on Biggie’s first album as well. This was confirmed by Lil Cease on 2003 XXL article of “Making of Life After Death”

      The two lines that Big got at Nas on the Kick in Door was
      “Its ill when, MC’s used to be on cruddy shit
      Took home, Ready to Die, listened, studied shit
      Now they on some money shit, successful out the blue
      They light weight, fragilly, my nine milly
      make the white shake, thats why my money never funny
      And you still recoupin, stupid”

      Bigg is basically stating that Nas changed up his style form illmatic to it was written…when he says “cruddy” he stating that on illmatic Nas is describing the struggles he had growing up in the projects to “being successful out the blue” then on “it was written” Nas is now a big time Drug Dealing “Don”/ Escobar????
      Big sums everything up on the last line when he says “my money never funny and you still recoupin, stupid” This goes to Nas’ first album struggling to sell and his issues with his management as FuriRoja8 explained.

    • You’re wrong biggie died before big pun lox and them recorded that song..he talking bout wu method man use to call his self johnny blaze

    • That came out after biggie died it around 99, when Fat Joe released the John Blaze song feat Nas,Rae,and Jadakiss I was in the 7th grade I remember it on RapCity in 1999

  15. the shit is soo deep lyrically. its amazin how you cant even figure out the meaning of the lyrics. nowadays its just like “fuck so and so and fuck you too!” god what in the fuck happened to talent?

  16. To FuriaRoja, do you know that the song John Blaze by Fat Joe was made after Biggie’s death?

    And in 1997, Nas had just released his SECOND album the year before in 96. How could he have been working on his 4th album when his 4th album, which was Nastradamous, came out in 2000?

    You reachin bro.

    • Good points Cheebs but actually Nastradamous came out in November 23rd ’99 remember Nas dropped two albums that year “earlier was I Am” the whole concept of Nas dropping Nastradomous to the new Millennium!

  17. Um, couple of wrong stuff here. B.I.G. was not dissing jeru he was dissing de la soul because de la soul went at him several times on there album in 96′ and one line from the album was Im not ready to die and yellow back which b.i.g. responded to yelling yellow in his background voice-over. Dissing wu-tang no b.i.g. worked with rza and meth him and rae had problems but he did not really want to respond as shown on b.i.g. notorious documentary. On kick in the door he dissed nas on having publishing be owned and nas not makin money and his reign on the top was short because nas sold 3.4 million in 96′ on it was written and went kinda quiet till 98′ or he could have actually talked about raekwon because of his success of only built… which only went platinum not quadrople plat like b.i.g. first album. B.i.g. dissed nas on several songs like one song I forgot the the name of featuring lox and produced by havoc from mobb deep where he mentioned “996 grams?!….ya need fo mo!”, (four more). The beef was not deep but it was like a paper ball fight nobody knew about. Jay-z vs. nas was real rap beef! Nas loves the beef though which is why he made it known because he wanted fans to know that everyone went at me…why?….you answer the question. Im not saying nas is the best rapper ever but nas has been affilated in the rap business with a body of work which is very different and unique. He has seen all the greats and still rapping in 2009 and beyond! I know lil wayne is incredible…but…illmatic was boss it was written he flossed one of the most creative lp’s to ever hit stores in the firm he learned I am…..nastradamous, qb’s finest! Stillmatic in the mind, god son on the body, street’s diciple in the soul even though the heart feels hip hop is dead….we know or can mention one N#%%@* that killed it!…50.

    • Lil Wayne’s name shouldn’t even be mention with these skilled lyricists. These lyrics go beyond being ‘punchline clowns’. They actually had some shit to say and they did it with skilled wordplay. The way Wayne uses punchlines is the way “anybody” can use them. It’s elementary and is a no brainer.


      D-Boy the Bandyt is next up in hip-hop!!!

    • Nah he was definetely dissing Jeru. Jeru dissed big and puff, on songs like one day, the papers, ya playing ya self, and the bullshit, were big replied on Hypnotized “that Brooklyn bullshit we on it “

  18. NAS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BIG

    NUFF SAID!!!

  19. Most of these subliminals are reaching…

  20. Most of these subliminals are reaching…They both made classic CD’s. The whole Wu-Tang part of it was “pure” jealousy. And who cares about cd covers and names. Nas said some dumb stuff when (to Jay (“Ether”)) “…KRS-1 already have a album called “Blueprint”…SO! Who cares! Very weak line. This beef was stupid and not called for because the great Nas was under peer pressure.

  21. Some of yall are close but are contradicting yall stayements back then wu tang dropped 36 chamers in 92 if not mistaken nas was rocking shit far as “Live at da BBQ and halftime was recorded in 92 as well and was on a soundtrack i cant think of as of now…. If u pay attention u shuld notice most wu-tang members had a nickname besides there actual artist name i.e. Method man was johnny blaze lol… Raekwon was Lex Diamond Ghostface was Tony Starks Nas was Escobar which dat name was given to him by Rae and Ghost cuz they started wat was known then as Mafiaso Rap which nas was pretty much da MVP of leading da way for Mafiaso rhymes….they felt BIG was not only biting NAS album cover but there slang far as that Mafiaso rhyme scheme and BIG callin him self Frank White from da movie king of NY…. Which is why they went at dem niggas who not real east coast cats dont kno but back then niggas was really going at each other far as Rae and Ghost even went as far to fight BIGGIE at club back then niggas really knew Wu-Tang was nuttin to fuck wit … I kno dez things from being round cats who know dez niggas when i was a younging and im 21 not baised at all biggie lyrically is one of da best and humerous cats to grip a microphone and has prolly if not da best smoothest rhyme scheme ive eva heard but even Rae Ghostface and Big and even Pac knew Nas was ahead of his time as well pac got his me and my girlfriend song fron NAS’S i gave u power track… Jay-z at dis tyme was just a regular Fushnickens type of rapper no threat at all but dats anotha story one love music heads god bless

    • Also for u cats saying Nas was broke ha was if u listen to Rise and Fall he speaks about all dat but even not knowing dat tracks niggas new NAs was still in queensbridge hanging out normally like He wasnt even famous like he didnt dven drop illmatic cuz he wanted to stay in his hood and spend money not wisely which is sumtin ppl go through called learning lessons

    • It was dropped 93 not 92

  22. […] History lesson: Big and Nas had a little beef, seemingly because Big and Rakewon had beef. Read about it here […]

  23. I’ve heard that Rae was beefin’ with Big because he bit off Cuban Link. But Ready to Die was released in 94, Cuban Link was released in 95′?

  24. I’ve heard that Rae was beefin’ with Big because he bit off Cuban Link. But Ready to Die was released in 94, Cuban Link was released in 95′? So, is there a Purple Tape mixtape?

  25. they say the good die young…i guess these grimey n***** live a long time

  26. I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

  27. I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

  28. I always thought “Kick In The Door” was for 2pac, the “mad rapper”/ the so called” thugs and rapper dons” for the others, “this is my fourth album: “All Eyez on Me”

    Biggie>>>> NAS

  29. F**k anybody and everybody who is against B.I.G.

  30. im from the west coast but im a fan of nas and wu tang and im glad u put this on there cuzz i had no clue. i was like 6 yrs old when i first heard nas and it was dope. before that it was just pac and nwa. i wanted to hear more hip hop but the only east coast artist that was playin out here was wu tang. but my whole hood was bumpin wu tang untiil that beef stuff happend. but im just tryin to say i appreciate history no matter were its from. and all these dudes had had somethin to say from nas to pac.

  31. Actually Long Kiss Goodnight Was To Tupac Cease Said it was After BIG Died

  32. This beef is a little different from whats being said. First. the quote above from “Last real N***** alive” is slightly incorrect. It was quoted as “Bad Boy bitin Nas album COME AWAKE” When it should be “Bad Boy bitin Nas album COVER WAIT !!!” Second the beef didn’t start with Ghost & Rae vs BIG. It actually started with Nas & BIG. Obviously when Nas came out he was considered King of NY because of Illmatic. Then when BIG came shortly after, he was shot to the top as well. Nas felt his spot was being taken so he dropped a freestyle soing at BIG where he said something like “I’ll take the crown, off the so-called king and lock it down” I cant find this freestyle anywhere but I heard it when it was first on the radio. Nas became cool with Puff & BIG but then the “Verbal intercourse” record happened which instigated it more. Since Nas was the first rapper to put a baby pic on his album, Ghost & Rae felt like Bad Boy was biting the idea with the baby pic as well on ready to die. Everything else that was said sounds about right

    • The freestyle where Nas said “I’ll take the crown, off the so-called king and lock it down” was from the Affirmative Action remix. Apparently Nas used his verse as a freestyle before the song was released. And the purple tape wasn’t a mixtape. The purple tape was OB4CL which was purple if anyone owned the original like I did. And I meant to say the “Shark N**** (biters)” song ….NOT verbal intercourse.

    • CurtMcgirt your so close on your facts but your time line is a little off. Let me take a stab at it.

      FIrst-Nas dropps Illmatic in April ’94 and is declared the King of NY and the best lyricist since Rakim

      Second- During this time Nas and Puff form a relationship and Puff wants Nas to join Bad Boy with Biggie…..however Nas was signed to Columbia at the time.

      Third- Biggie’s Ready to Die drops September ’94 and eventually sells 3 million. In early ’95 the Source puts Biggie on the cover at praises him the King of NY.

      Fourth- In ’95 while at first wasn’t trippin’ Raekwon and Ghost took offense to it especially since them and the WU felt they and Nas put the NY back on the map with there respected albums. Rae and Ghost drop OB4CL where we know what happens with the skit. Rae and Ghost give Nas and Alasa Escobar and Nas adopts there Mafieso Rap Style.

      Fifth- Late ’95- early ’96 Nas forms the Group the Firm with Foxy Brown, Nature, & AZ and Nas spits a freestyle in which he diss Big with the line “I’ll knock the crown form your head” This line and freestyle eventually ends up on the Affirmative Actions Remix which was released in ’97.

      Six- Nas drops “It Was Written” ’96 in which he adopts the Mafeiso/Story telling style from Rae and Ghost….while this album took Nas to a new level of success (being his first platinum album) A lot of fans, critics, and fellow peers felt Nas sold out and was not staying true to his style and credibility (this later was shown on Big’s Kick IN the Door and Memphis Bleek’s track Mind Right and Jay-Z Takeover).

      Seven- On the song “The Message” from It Was Written, Nas raps “One LIfe, One Love, and there can only be One King” A direct diss to Big”

      Eight- Big drops Life After Death- As we know it was 3 years since he last album and since then Big was been through alot with not only personally but professionally with Pac and other NY MC getting at him. The whole album is to reestablish himself as the King of NY and to let every rapper know that he still the King and no is stepping in his way! What Take over was to Jay dissing various rappers that what Kick In the Door was to Big. Big dissed a Rae/Ghost, Danja, but speciially Nas with the King of NY shots.

      All in All while there was beef it was competitive beef. This was all for the love of hip hop and the competitive nature that NY had about there craft at the end of the day while there was some bak and forth Lil Kim has stated that Big was a big fan of Rae and the whole Wu….Rae has said the same and from what Nas has said through the year Big was AHEAD OF IT’S TIME!!!!!

  33. joe budden is the illest rapper alive and of all time his literacy and delivery is about 50 million lightyears ahead big nas and tupac put together hip hop aint dead u just gotta search deeper to look for it dont let the goverment and media convince u people that hip hop will never be as hard as the 90’s because there are still rappers today that drop it just as hard if not probably harder vinnie paz, immortal techinque, ra rugged man and joe budden are you guys fucking insane!!!! these mc’s would fukin tear up any clown ass rapper that even thought he had the crown u poeple need to stop glorifying what the media wants u to glorify and start respecting the unkown for why they are unknown……..think about it, it might take u a while.

  34. Nas>>>>>>>>AZ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Biggie lets be real now don’t believe the hype buoy

  35. im mad that my ny rappers cant all collab and make real hip hop music together rather than fightin over some ”king of ny” bull shit…….. look at all the cali heads they all kool with eachothe rn al ake musik together!

  36. Tupac>>> Eazy-E>>>>>>>>>>>Nas>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>B.I.G.

    I think that Nas is pretty good, BIG was not very good at backing himself up at all.. Tupac by far is the best with beef and the king of rap. It’s true that Nas is the Last real Nigga Left. Rest In Peace Tupac, Eazy, & B.I.G.

  37. hello .. its so subliminal ! but aint no problem now .. B.I.G is gone , and NaS is a GREAT rapper n a peot .

    but :

    B.I.G >>>>>>>>>>>>2PAC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BIG L>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NaS

  38. I definitely saw an interview that “im suprised you run with them” line is said to Preemo about Jeru. Premier said that out his mouth

  39. ya all posting some great classic shit, and quite frankly there was a little beef between the kings of NY
    but really REALLY!! how could someone listened to biggie compare him to nas or pac???
    biggie was the real inventor or RAP

    • i respect your opinion to say that biggie is the best, and you have the right to have your own opinion and say it. But you shouldnt say stuff like biggie the inventor of rap thats just not true

  40. You dudes are seriously late with this. Believe me BIG did not want go line for line or bar for with Nas. Yes BIG was funnier, and Had the ability to rock a crowd for freestyle purposes, but actual recorded songs. Nas would dump on BIG. Everybody in NY knows Nas is not to be Fu€ked wit’!

    • You are soooooo right why you think all the hardest and most sucessful rappers want him to collaborations on songs?. I.e . Jay-z,jada,busta, kanye,common, dapper Scareface,Snoop dogg, Wu tang,….I can go on but do your research hip hop heads! Nas is the illest and most feared rapper alive.

  41. Yall dont got shit elseto do big gone and no body fuckn wit nas……..neva hes da deffanition of real hip hop .

  42. Yall dont got shit elseto do big gone and no body fuckn wit nas……..neva hes da deffanition of real hip hop .
    Yall too yung to remember whats mcs or rappers….

  43. i always knew who shot ya was about nas

  44. […] de disses. Als de New Yorker namelijk ruzie had met een collega rapper, dan viel hij degene via op subliminale wijze aan. Zonder dat de naam werd genoemd, werd de tegenstander op een sluwer manier ‘gedist. […]

  45. Nasir jones the illest rapper I’ve ever kwn

  46. “”Ghostface and Raekwon then created a famous mixtape that was released on a purple cassette which is what Nas is referring to.”

    Do your homework you dumbass the purple tape wasn’t a mixtape it was Raekwon’s Cuban Linx album. When it was first released, the cassette was purple.

  47. Sorry, this is coming late, but if y’all do listen to lyrics (you can pull the beats off the song and listen to just what the rapper has to say and how he say it) you will definitely know that Nas is the greatest- he dropped illmatic when he was just 19, pac called him ‘king of the ring’ in makaveli album, jay z (b4 D beef) said the greatest is jay, biggie and Nas. While nas himself said its biggie pac and Nas, biggie gave Nas 10 out of 10 (u can now put back the beat in the song) do you see how he jumps in the beat. Please put your differences aside and just cup a nas CD namely; stillmatic (2001) and Godson (2002) listen to this two first as a new comer, then after that u can listen to any other of his album then please do me a favour and compare him to your best rapper, it is only then u will see what Harvard university saw about Nas…….reach me back via twitter @exkober and tell me what’s up

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  49. the greatest of all time N A S….

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  52. Wow! Am amazed at how these artists influenced each other to bring out the very best of their talent. Am also very grateful to have found this post, its great and worth being put into a documentary (well I haven’t seen the ones out there already). Am typing in from South Africa, been a fan of hip hop since Biggie and Pac died, became a follower when Nas got back at Jigga and now am a full time junky of this magnificent art.

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