Funk Flex & Fab on Stack Bundles, Snitching and 50 cent

Funkmaster Flex interviews Fabolos and comments on snitching and the Stack Bundles murder. They talk about rappers copying 50 cent, and street culture spilling into hiphop music……..HHfanatic

Fab gives yall some mixtape history. Some people tried to make this beef between 50 and Fab/Flex, Slow your role patna, we always looking for some beef. I dont think it is, but who knows how 50 took the whole thing. I think Flex is stating the obvious: 50 came in the game the hustler route, but whether you like his music or not, the dude is a smart business man. He knows he would get tried so he doesnt go where he would get tried. I think that was the point Flex was making. Lets all just try to think deeply before we make our moves so we can be prepared for what life brings. Peace.


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5 comments on “Funk Flex & Fab on Stack Bundles, Snitching and 50 cent


  2. afta the whole biggie and pac thing all dis “so called” beef needs to chill GET MONEY LIVE LIFE STTTOOOOOP HATING

  3. I commend Funk Flex for saying that he will provide info for people who have information in regards to the murder of Stacks etc. All this killing must stop….

  4. I Am Not saying what hes saying is wrong, But just last year flex was like fam with 50, givin him cars and shit, Now he wanna go live on the radio and disrespect him, in a round a bout way, says it but then sorta doesnt say it situation.

    Its A Bitch Made Move, If 50’s dropping singles on flex shows, or on t.v. with him hed be knee deep on 50’s cock. But He Is Generally right on the murder situation from a stand up point of view, but from a street point of view thats wrong.

  5. And Im Not a 50 fan so it aint like that either, Im Just Sayin

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