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Is http://www.TexasEscorts.net Better Than BackPage For Texas

There’s been whispers that http://www.TexasEscorts.net has the ability to become the new Texas BackPage for Texas residents. While we do agree with this statement partially we hold that we will never charge backpage prices. BackPage charges $12.00 plus to post in Dallas while we are free and have feature prices far less than backpage. Backpage has a bad rep because of the child trafficking that goes on on the site. We are a 24hr business with a filter eye for anything that looks suspicious.   Also backpage has another issue. Law enforcement.  It seems that since the recent publications of negativity about the site, Police investigations of child trafficking and illegal escort practices all seem to start at backpage. This can cause issues for true escorts as they can be mistaken for those of which break the law.


So the question isn’t really “Is http://www.TexasEscorts.net Better”, it should be are texans ready to make a decision to use a service which is better for them in the long run & at inception. Sometimes people aren’t willing to change nor are they willing to accept something new even when it benefits them. Time will tell but until then texans need to understand that TexasEscorts.net is a very down to earth business with safety as well as a sense of fairness in mind.

So I guess the answer to that question is YES it is better completely.


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