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Richard Dobeski Released From Prison?

A convicted child molester by the name of Richard Dobeski was recently released from prison and is now wandering the streets of Indiana. Police say they are not looking for this convicted killer at the moment but say it is not a matter of if Dobeski will strike again, it’s when.

In 1964, Dobeski was sentenced to serve two life sentences for strangling two children (his neighbors) of whom were siblings.

Dobeski later won an appeal which reduced his sentence to 40 years. This allowed Dobeski to be released in 2003 but low and behold Dobeski reoffended in 2008. This time he was convicted on charges of possession of child pornography, and child molestation. This landed Dobeski back in the pen for another bid.

Dobeski was recently released on July 17, 2015.

Authorities belive this savage might be anywhere in Laporte County, Indiana

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