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Peep The Video Panel….

3 Oct

 Bronx Rap Toon

Peep the video panel…..Thats a taste of what was…..It should bring you back…L

Wu & Jodeci Is Like Cuz-Ons!!!!!!

22 Aug

This was one of the hardest/illest collabo’s eva eva eva…..If you didn’t know now ya know…Alot of you were still in diapers and shit but its good though….This is some shit where you didn’t mind the mesh of hip-hop & RnB…Trust me….I was humin this track for a couple of months fam….You know I give it to you reality rap….So turn ya speakers up a notch…And let the…

Jodeci & Wu-Tang – Freakin You (remix)

Message To Other Sites: Step Ya Game Way Up…& Wake Up Crazy Early…L 

We Took Dude For Granted…..

19 Jul


We Took Dude For Granted…..and now…with all the bullshit that’s on the radio now….wow Sacario would be a good addition to the game right now foret all the negativity he was gettin due to his similarities to Jay…I don’t even know if all of you remember dude but round here….Angie Martinez was showin him nuff love….Peep that old ish…

Sacario-Live Big Car Keys

Tupac Shakur – Poetic Justice (Behind the Scenes)

14 Jul

This is definately vintage…& something I felt good watching. Not for nothing people I really miss 2 Pac. Dude was a real dude but had a lot of pressures around him…Including that bitch-ass n**** Suge Knight. If I knew I wouldn’t get caught …I would definately sneak up on dude and get em. Dude be walkin around like everything is gravy…Showin up in hot spots…..etc…..But see thats negativity lemme cut it out. Pac woulda still been in the game hard and on top spttin that True Life Shi*….L

13 & Good…..

13 Jul

KRS One-13 & Good

This was hard at the time cus it represented the truth about what we were dealing with at that time…Remember back in the days….If a chick was 13 she looked 13. There was a breaking point when that ceased…Then 13 year old’s started looking like there were old enough to get it. So thats when ya boy started askin for ID. Come on man I seen mad dudes go down for Continue reading

I Want That Ol’ Thing Back

11 Jul

WKCR 89.9 FM, 06.10.93 Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito

So we came across these 2 links….Lemme rephrase that…2 Lava Rocks…from Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito back in the day……Listen & feel this…

Part 1

Part 2

This was done on WKCR 89.9 FM, 06.10.93

And we got this here….

Konstant Kontact: From ’93 ‘Til Infinty

Crispy ThrowBack….The Legion

8 Jul

The Legion f/Dres-Jingle Jangle

Gimmie Mines!!!! lol Remember that…Gimmie Mines….While I’m on the topic of back in the day….Here goes…. Continue reading


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